Of course, it wouldn't be decent start to the weekend unless Nitrome surprised us with a cool new game release. In The Dog House just cropped up on iOS and Android for £2.99/$2.99 (or cheaper), so do pick it up if it takes your fancy.

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Well, I say 'new'. If you've been a fan of Nitrome for a while you'll know that In The Dog House was originally a flash game back into 2008, and a free one at that.

Aside from being totally adorable, In The Dog House is a strategic puzzler where you need to guide your pupper through the house by moving and flipping sections, and luring them to specific spots. Unlock all sorts of dogs, collect lots of toys, and enjoy over 50 puzzles.

Though it's mostly a direct port, Nitrome has mentioned that there are a few altered/new levels and unlockables. It doesn't look like it's changed much in 10 years, but if you want the convenience of having it on your phones now you've got the solution.