Netmarble has opened up pre-registration for its newest game Knights Chronicle, a turn-based RPG for iOS and Android.

The game itself features a 3D Japanese animation-like art style, as you assemble a team of characters to help protect the planet of Garniel.
There's also a cooperative multiplayer aspect, as you can work together with up to five friends to explore dungeons – a potentially welcome difference from many of the other hero-collecting games out there.

There's also a promotional video that gives us a glimpse of the different characters, and which looks more like the opening to a new anime series than the art style of the actual game. Still, it's an interesting hint of the vibe the game is going for.

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Pre-registration will gain you a six-star character, 1 million gold, and 200 diamonds to get you started once the game launches. Hero collecting is certainly going to be a key aspect of the game, but how essential it will be to have a team of high star characters remains to be seen.

There's no word yet on when, exactly, the game will be releasing, but for now, you can head over to the official site to get your registration in.