If you sometimes find board games a little daunting, with all the rules and the remembering and the pieces, then might I recommend Roll For It.

It's a much simpler, but no less entertaining experience that you can pick up and play pretty much instantly.

It might not have the depth of other board games, but sometimes you're not looking for depth. This is a quick-fire game with a lot to offer.

Rolling rolling rolling

The game is all about rolling dice, as you might have been able to tell from its name. You've got six of the cubes, and there are three cards laid out in front of you.

Each of the cards has a picture on it representing some of the numbers on the dice. When it's your turn you shake your phone to roll, then drag the dice onto any of the cards that have pictures matching the faces you've rolled.

If you manage to match all of the pictures, then you win that card and you receive the points printed at the bottom. The first player to get 40 points is crowned the winner.

Roll For It board game review iOS screenshot

You can play games against up to three opponents, picking whether they're controlled by the AI, or other players in pass-and-play multiplayer games.

A full game never lasts more than a few minutes, but things still manage to get pretty tense when there are a couple of players aiming to get the points they need to win.

No, there aren't any decisions to make, and everything is predicated on the luck of the draw and the roll, but the rapid-fire nature of the play means that you can jump into another game pretty quickly.

Roll them bones

Roll For It is the sort of game that's going to find a place in your board game night rotation. It doesn't last very long, but it's perfect for starting up or winding down.

And if you've got friends who aren't sure about the whole digital board game thing, it's a brilliant way to ease them into the hobby.