2017 was a record breaking year for the Big Indie Pitch, with the competition travelling to more locations that ever, including for the first time ever countries like South Korea, Jordan and Poland.

As such, more than 200 developers were given the chance to present their games to a variety of expert judges, gain feedback, meet fellow developers, and possibly take away one of the prizes for coming in first, second or third.

Not wanting to be stood up, we’ve kicked off 2018 in much the same fashion as 2017, with our flagship bumper edition Very Big Indie Pitch at Pocket Gamer Connects London 2018. This competition saw 27 developers stand up to pitch their game to a record 16 judges, and was as close a competition as we’ve seen.

Nevertheless, there had to be a winner, and on this occasion that was FINIFUGU && friends with their 3-player-and-up party game Too Many Cooks. Second place was then taken by OIL, a game which managed to beat its third place prizes from the Big Indie Pitch in Dundee, and finally third place runner up was Z War 1, a game which you may recognise from a few of 2017’s Big Indie Pitch round ups.

First place: Too Many Cooks

  • By: FINIFUGU && friends

Too Many Cooks is a 3-6 player co-operative party game in which you and your team work together in order to run a kitchen restaurant. You’ll have to learn how to chop, steam, wash, and of course cook, all while working together as a team as you constantly pass items and food backwards and forwards

That’s not all though, as the game looks absolutely gorgeous and is filled with life and character. It’s also great fun for all ages too, whilst also being really intuitive and easy to pick up and play. This is definitely one that fans of co-operative party gaming should keep their eyes closely peeled for.

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Second place: OIL

  • By: Wee Door

Think Battleships crossed with Minesweeper and you’ve already got the idea for this new and highly entertaining digital board game. Set in an early 1900s America - loosely inspired by the movie There Will Be Blood - OIL is all about searching for that rare black gold.

Where OIL differs from classic board games though is in its innovative use of a space and shared resources. Players must strategically compete for the oil on the board without giving away too much to their opponent. Set for release this year, OIL will be shipping with 10 unique levels alongside both single and multiplayer game modes.

Third place: Z War 1 : The Great war of the Dead 1918 -1927

  • By: Ether Games

Z War 1 is a bit of a mix between a shooter, tower defence, strategy, and RPG-lite, all wrapped up in one hell of a crazy alternate timeline. You see, despite using WW1 as inspiration, the events of the game actually take place in alternate history where not only did the war not end, but it evolved into a war in which the dead rose.

With a really high production value, lots of action, and even an appearance from Cthulhu, Ether Games certainly earned their 3rd podium appearance at the Big Indie Pitch. All that’s left now is for the game to be released so that everyone can enjoy its frantic action gameplay.

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Fourth place: Stack & Crack
  • By: Jambav

Stack & Crack is a unique 3D puzzle game about four Boxies and their interesting interrelationships. Within the game, players must help guide these Boxies through nearly 100 individual levels in order to guide them towards their ultimate goal, the Portal of Light.

Created by one of the most exciting teams we’ve ever seen at The Big Indie Pitch, the game includes a high amount of polish, diverse gameplay mechanics, and beautiful handcrafted levels. It also has a graded learning curve, meaning that the game grows with the player, offering them a challenge whilst never being frustrating.

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Fifth place: War Duels: Fire in the Hole!
  • By: AdoreStudio

War Duels: Fire in the Hole! is a whack-a-mole-ish turn-based tactical duel game, which takes place during an alternate reality World War I. It sounds bonkers, but it's actually a tremendous amount of fun with an incredible amount of depth.

Within the game, players will have to conquer territories, take control over oil deposits, and wipe off your opponents. All whilst managing your own military base and beating your friends in tactical PvP battling.

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  • By: Panzerdog

Tacticool is a 5v5 battlefield fighter with ragdoll physics, a variety of vehicles and weapons, and an awful lot of destruction. Imagine a modern day team-based gladiatorial fight, and you’ve got the idea.

The game is also built from the ground up for mobile devices too despite its large scale ideas, and as such incorporates mobile friendly mechanics such as auto running and aiming, and left and right thumb-tap controls.

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Rumble League
  • By: Lorraine Studio

Rumble League is a free-to-play, real-time PvP game with an over-the-top arcade featuring handcrafted 3D arenas and unique character filled fighters, with a retro-futuristic synthetic inspired soundtrack and strategic gameplay.

Inspired by the likes of Clash Royale, Rumble League allows players to assemble bespoke crew of fighters to take to the arena in order to destroy the other team in fast paced PvP matches. That’s not all though, as the your team is fully customisable too, allowing players create a team that works to their gameplay style.

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Super Speed Runner
  • By: Jambav

The second game from the team described by the judges as one of the most exciting they’ve ever seen, and it’s just as good as Stack & Crack. Unlike the puzzle gameplay of Stack & Crack, Super Speed Runner is an action platformer in which players have only two things to control - running and jumping.

Sounds simple right? Well unfortunately for the Super Speed Runner, it’s going to take some precise movement and pixel perfect to survive in this innovative and intuitive hardcore action platformer, one which invokes the greatest of the genre. Surviving may be tougher than you think.

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The Videokid
  • By: Pixel Trip Studios

Take a trip back in time to the 1980s, and test your skills to the max at the same time, as Pixel Trip Studios seamlessly blend nostalgia with arcade gameplay in this arcade action platformer. In The Videokid you’ll have to Skate, hitch and grind your way through hazardous streets, all whilst avoiding an array of obstacles in this unusually dangerous suburban 80s neighbourhood.

That’s not all though, as players can also expect a DeLoreon’s worth of nods to 1980s too, including movie, gaming and tv references, polished retro graphics, and an 8bit inspired soundtrack that pays homage to the golden era of gaming.

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  • By: ZRZStudio

Inops is an absolutely gorgeous 2D side scroller, one in which the aim is to stay alive whilst guiding all of the Inops through each level. Unfortunately for the Inops these stages are littered with enemies, traps and puzzles, all of which mean it’ll take a lot of skill to get them all out safely.

Inspired by the likes of quirky classics such as LocoRoco, Inops also sees players having to scour levels for lost Inops. Once awoken and collected these can then be combined in order to become one big Inop or split further into smaller pieces, all of which allows players to approach levels in unique ways. With 3 different worlds, an inviting art style and interactive gameplay, Inops is set to bring a unique and immersive experience!

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  • By: Greg Sharpe

Matcher is a picture-matching game that challenges and develops players observational skills through easy to pick-up gameplay. The premise is quite simple, players will be presented with 10 pictures on the screen, and within these they must find the 2 which are identical.

Designed by the developer with quick 1 - 5 minute breaks in mind, the game acts as both a casual game to fill those extra minutes, but also as a brain-exercising tool.

  • By: RosyMoon

In Spells, virtually all English words are weaponised into magic spells, each possessing one of 5 basic functions (such as attacking or healing). Unlike traditional word games such as Words With Friends, Scrabble etc, points are given for strength of meaning, rather than length of words or letter distribution.

Inspired by the idea crossing RPG greats like Final Fantasy 7 with psychotherapy and word games, Spells offers gamers a chance to pit their creative wits rather than their muscle against each other.

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Secret Path
  • By: Vadim Strutsenko

Secret Path takes players on a tour of the Estonian capital Tallinn through a fascinating cross of tourism and education through a gamified system.

From exploring the history of this phenomenal capital city, to learning where the best places to eat and drink are, and even as far as securing discounts with local businesses Secret Path promises to challenge you to see everything Tallinn has to offer.

Orb Attack
  • By: Mule Kick Applications

Orb Attack is designed to be simple at its core; it's a game in which you use the power of colour - with a range of power-ups - to burst an oncoming horde of orbs.

From Endless all the way through to Colour Switching mode, Orb Attack promises players a fresh, accessible and captivating arcade game experience.

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  • By: SinisterSoft Limited

RetroStar is an arcade space combat simulator built as a love letter to the classic days of retro gaming. One in which players must jump into the cockpit of a spaceship in order to take down your enemies and explore the deepest known expanses of not only our solar system, but others too.

Built completely from the ground up utilising custom code in just 6 weeks, Retro Star promises 60Hz action even on slow devices, alongside a cross platform high-score leaderboard, a deep storyline, and even Elite style exploration mechanics.

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Wire Up
  • By: Pyrognomic Software

Looking to blend together all of the world’s favourite genres, Wire Up combines endless runner mechanics with color matching, and then wraps them up in flashy visual effects and electronic high tempo music.

That’s not all though, as Wire Up also offers more than 600 challenges, tons of unlockables, a high amount of customisation and even PvP multiplayer. It’s also an incredible amount of fun too!

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Ego Chicken
  • By: Hora Games

Ego Chicken is an endless wave based game. One which utilises flick mechanics, a farmyard environment, and a cute ball shaped chicken named Ego. Don’t worry though, the aim is not to harm Ego, but to help him save his friend Pea from the Villainous Zeppelin riding villain Bean.

Described by the judges as Angry Birds crossed with Golf, in Ego Chicken players will have to utilise a range of different flick mechanics, such as curving and ground shots in order to make Ego fly right into the heart of Bean’s caterpillar army, and later directly onto his zeppelin throne too.

  • By: Sloyd

Inspired by the likes of Super Meat Boy and N+, through Cecile developer Sloyd is aiming to bring that trademark hardcore 2D platforming to mobile devices through fine tuned controls and levels specifically designed for mobile.

Overall, Cecile is promising more than 40 hard as nail levels, a variety of different power ups that constantly add depth and variety to the gameplay, alongside an intriguing story set within an apocalyptic future where AI robots have taken control.

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Dead End Job
  • By: Ant Workshop

Described by the developer as Ghostbusters meets The Binding of Isaac with a bit of Ren & Stimpy, Dead End Job takes retro twin-stick shooting action and presents it like a cartoon straight outta the '90s.

You control Hector Plasm, an expert in paranormal pest control, as he patrols town rescuing citizens and sucking up ghosts in his trusty vacuum. You’ll have to watch out though, as Hector has a ghost or two from his past that aren’t quite finished with him yet.

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Don-Ay Adorable Runners
  • By: Affinity Project

Not content with creating a game all about raising your very own virtual pet, Affinity Project have also dedicated to generating much needed money for animal charities by donating some of its profits from the game to a very worthy cause.

Of course though, that’s not all there is to Don-Ay Adorable Runners, as besides raising their own pet dog, players will also be able to see how long their virtual pet can last with in the endless runner mode too. A mode in which every run generates a donation that will save animals in need.

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Bouncy Cats
  • By: Erno Lehtonen

Bouncy Cats is a simple yet intense mobile game, where you control a grumpy cat trying to save cute kittens falling off trees. Inspired by the likes of Angry Birds, Flappy Bird & Magikarp Jump, the game focuses on the single player experience, challenging players to keep the cats bouncing no matter what.

That’s not all though, as the game is also et to feature a range of collectibles including new cats, cute kittens and character skins. The developer is also promising gameplay altering power ups and management elements before release too.

Over the Alps
  • By: Stave Studios

Over the Alps is an upcoming mobile adventure game set upon the backdrop of 1930s Switzerland. One which tells a tale of espionage, distrust, and political machinations during the build up to World War II.

Described by the developer as 80 Days meets The Great Escape. Over The Alps takes intense and engrossing interactive story and wraps it within gameplay that combines interactive fiction and point and click adventure mechanics. All in all, this is definitely one that fans of storytelling should keep their eyes peeled for.

Soul Stone
  • By: Beeast Games

Through polished graphics, refined controls and progression based rewards, Beeast Games is hoping that Soul Stone will scratch the itch of those looking for a handheld Diablo-esque game that you can take on the road with you.

A clear honourable mention from the judges, Beeast Games really are promising to bring the same level of depth and quality you would expect from an action RPG, whilt also making sure it has that mobile flavour through continued updates, social elements, and even tournaments to name but a few aspects.

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  • By: Oney Labs

In Sworm you must help the goofy little worm to find its path within the forest it is trapped. Correct and complete its path to help Sworm move around, avoid the pits and ultimately reach its destination.

However, achieving this won’t be easy, as the dark forest has more than one trick up its sleeve, including obstacles and traps. Luckily though, Sworm has a few tricks of its own too, which include the ability to slow time.

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  • By: Retro Principles

Corecraft is a physic-based Next Gen Retro Shoot 'Em Up inspired by games like Asteroids, Tetris and Space Invaders. Utilising a retro crossed with HD feel and look, the game offers players 35 Levels, each with their own quests and boss battles, alongside an arsenal of over 15 weapons and modules.

The game also includes that trademark fast and frantic action that retro fans will excite both retro fans looking for a traditional experience, and modern fans looking for something more than just a passive casual experience.

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A Journey Towards Jesus
  • By: Kupina.Me

Want to learn more about the bible and story of Christianity? Well if so, then A Journey Towards Jesus could be just the game you’ve been looking for.

Set upon the backdrop of a bother trying to save his sister from a fatal illness, Eliab's heads on a quest to find a mysterious preacher names Jesus, not knowing whether he is real or fake. On this quest players are challenged to answer more than 2.000 questions, alongside exciting challenges and mini-games. All of which will test your knowledge of the Bible.

Rope Man
  • By: Gogo Games

Rope Man is an accelerometer based tightrope action game, with simple yet intuitive controls. Tilt your device in the palm of your hand and watch the Ropeman respond accordingly. Players can also lean forward to go faster too. However, the faster you go, the harder it may be to stay on the rope.

All in all the game offer players a chance to challenge their multitasking abilities by keeping your balance and jump, all whilst also collecting power-ups and coins. The latter of which can be used to buy upgrades and unlock secret items.