With only a week to go before L.A. Noire's big release (or re-release), we've just set our eyes on a brand-new trailer, this time specifically for Switch.

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As I'm sure you're aware by now Rockstar Games will be launching their detective game on the Switch next week. In it, you'll play as Cole Phelps, a beat-cop-turned-detective in 1947 Los Angeles as he helps to investigate and solve a series of grisly murders.

Interesting here, the new trailer shows off one major tweak to the game which could either make things easier or harder for players during witness/suspect interviews. Rather than settling with the usual 'Truth', 'Doubt', and 'Lie' options, you've now got 'Good Cop', 'Bad Cop', and 'Accuse' options.

Check out the trailer above for a quick snippet as to what you can expect. L.A. Noire arrives on the Switch November 14th.

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