Released on Steam back in 2013, Stick It to The Man! by Zoink Games is now on its way to the Switch, and very soon at that.

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Stick It to the Man follows hard hat tester, Ray, after he has an odd accident and wakes up with a freaky spaghetti arm sticking out of his brain. While you'll get awesome new superpowers, you're also on the run for a crime you didn't commit, so it's time to give Ray a little helping hand.

With the ability to read minds and use stickers to change the world, you'll have to use your new powers to solve a bunch of puzzles and hopefully enjoy a detailed story written by Ryan North (Adventure Time) while you're at it.

Stick It to The Man! lands on Switch November 23rd for £10.99/$11.99, and will have both Pro-Controller and HD Rumble support.

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