If you love strategy games, own an iOS device, and live in the UK, we have a treat for you. Pocket Gamer and our community the App Army have partnered with Armada Interactive to help beta test the upcoming Quantum Siege.

Not only are we offering you the opportunity to play it well before it hits the app stores, but you could win an iPad. That's right, the member who provides the best feedback will be selected to receive the ultimate prize.

Even if you don't win, you'll receive an IAP as a reward that will allow you to get a headstart on everyone else when the game launches later this year.

You do have to be a member of the App Army to enter, but that's as easy as following this link and clicking join. It's a great group to be a part of anyway, as you'll have weekly access to free games, and a whole community of mobile fanatics to discuss your favourite games with.

What's Quantum Siege?

Quantum Siege is a gorgeous strategy game that aims to make RTS work on mobile. There's a deep single player campaign with a whopping 250 levels to complete and challenging multiplayer to sink your teeth into.

No matter the mode you play, you'll select from 16 heroes and send them into battle with a variety of support units on a spinning battlefield designed to get the most out of your mobile.

So what's the deal again?

To make all of the above information palatable, here's it in bullet point form.
  • We've partnered with Armada Interactive to help beta test the upcoming RTS Quantum Siege.
  • We're looking for up to 30 members of the App Army to provide feedback. The member who provides the best feedback, will receive an iPad as a reward.
  • Every participant will receive an IAP reward for participation, and we'll aim to publicise as much of the feedback as possible on Pocket Gamer after the test.

If you can't see the form, click here


  • We'll select the final list of 30 entrants by Wednesday, October 18th and pass your App Store emails to Armada.
  • On October 19th, Armada will provide you all with a TestFlight build.
  • We'll then provide you with a Google Sheet that you can record your feedback in on October 20th.
  • The beta test will close on October 26th, so all of your feedback will have to be recorded on the sheet by then to be in with a shot of winning the iPad and receiving an IAP reward.
  • We'll then collate your feedback into an App Army Assemble the following week and announce the winner of the iPad.
  • The winner will be notified on Facebook so please keep a close eye on the App Army and your private messages.

Terms and conditions:

  • You must be a member of the App Army, over 18, live in the UK, and own an iOS device to participate.
  • We expect every participant to provide feedback in a Google sheet we'll provide on October 20th.
  • In exchange for participation, you'll receive an IAP reward when the beta test is finished, and be in with a chance of winning an iPad.
  • The best pieces of feedback will also be published on Pocket Gamer after the beta test is completed.