In April earlier this year we heard about a tidy little title called OPUS: Rocket of Whispers. Lucky us, it's coming to iOS and Android this September.

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OPUS: Rocket of Whispers is a third-person narrative adventure set in the icy wilds of an unknown world. Playing as John, one of the last survivor members of an ancient, cosmic-worshipping nation, your goal is to scavenge for rocket parts and bits of the past to help the last surviving witch, Fei, to perform one final burial launch.

Whatever your take on these sorts of adventure games, this one looks like it'll be a mixed bag of emotion, purpose, and exploration as we work through its story. Created by the IMGA-nominated writer behind OPUS: The Day We Found Earth, I'm certainly looking forward to it.

Perhaps not one for the action-oriented, OPUS: Rocket of Whispers arrives on iOS and Android on September 14th.