Mobile games have become increasingly complex, and it can be difficult to tell whether or not that gorgeous but expensive shooter will run nicely on your phone.

Fortunately, GameBench has come up with a solution. Its dedicated team test the performance of each mobile game on a wide variety of devices to provide an objective rating.

And now, GameBench has partnered with Pocket Gamer to provide these ratings directly in our reviews via a handy widget.

GameBench helps you find out how well your phone will run a game

Now, not only will you learn whether or not a game is worth your valuable time and cash, but you'll also learn whether or not your device can run it.

We'll also show you ratings for similar games, to help recommend an alternative if the game you want to play runs poorly.

Thanks to GameBench, Pocket Gamer now provides the ultimate service for mobile gamers.

If you'd like to learn more about it, and how it will function on Pocket Gamer, check out the full description over on our sister site, PocketGamer.Biz.