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Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf, the card-based strategy game set in the grim darkness of Games Workshop's far future, is getting updated next week with a whole bunch of shiny new stuff.

The update adds a new chapter to the story called The Saga of the Great Awakening. There are 10 new missions for you to tackle, and a new enemy for you to take on in the shape of the Necrons.

If you've never heard of Necrons, they're skeletal robot warriors who've been having a nap for thousands of years. They used to rule the galaxy and now they want it back. It's up to you to try and stop them.

There are five new enemy types and four new bosses to fight, as well as 40 new cards to add to your collection. Plus new levels and upgrades for your main character and new levels and personal weapons for your squad mates.

The update is set to land on the App Store and Google Play Store on May 30th. So if you fancy fighting against the forces of the Necrons you've not got that long to wait.