A little under a week since it came out, Rocketcat Games has launched their promised content update for Death Road to Canada.

Death Road to Canada is a daft, pixelated, zombie-slashing, road-trip simulator that launched on iOS last week. Rocketcat stated on a number of occasions that though the game would be getting the same content update as the PC version, it would concentrate on the base game release first.

True to their word, the update's gone live as of yesterday - a couple of weeks earlier than planned.

  • New feature - You can sell weapons to a new trader that can show up. If your weapons meet her high standard, she'll give you some food.

  • New trader - The Polearm Pal.

  • New weapons - List incoming: Bardiche, Modern Spear, Sports Horn, #1 Foam Hand, Enchanted Skull Hammer, Boot on a Stick, and more.

  • New rare trader - The skeletal knight, Sir Boney.

  • New rare recruit - The ultimate sports fan (from hell). Casually enjoys blowing his Air Horn constantly, recharging it every mission.

Grab the game if you haven't already on the App Store for £7.99/$7.99.