It's that time of the month again, where we give away codes for the absolute best games of the previous month.

This instalment features January's best, a real mix of genres from Yu-Gi-Oh! to Star Wars and everything in-between. Each month, we're going to hand select our favourite mobile games and give away codes to our awesome community: the App Army.

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So what's this all about then?

Remedy Rush is an endless runner where you control an antidote flowing through an abstract representation of the human body.

You have to survive for as long as you can and kill any bacteria or diseases you encounter in your host's body.

At review we gave it a well-earned Silver Award and described it as "A sharp and entertaining mix of an endless runner, a puzzler, and a roguelike"

I want to kill diseases and bacteria

Well, then simply sign up to the App Army here, then write your name as it appears on Facebook in the comments below. Unfortunately these codes are for iOS, sorry to Android fans!

Now, any vigilant mobile gamer will notice that the game itself is free, so what we are offering here is all the unlock codes for all 36 different remedies. Each remedy has its own game-altering side effect allowing you to get the most out of this free game. We'll then distribute the codes to the select lucky winners within one working day of this article going live. Good luck, and stay tuned at 5PM GMT every day this week for a chance at another game! What's the App Army again? The App Army is Pocket Gamer's very own community of mobile game experts. Each week, we provide them with a bunch of free codes and early access to the hottest upcoming games so they can provide their thoughts in features like this. To join, simply follow this link to the page on Facebook and request access. We'll get you in right away!