Super Mario Run isn't all about Mario, you know. You can also play as his brother, his dinosaur pal, and many others. Here's how to get the lot.

Toad Toad

Toad is easy to get. Just link your My Nintendo Account to the game and you'll get this speedy little mushroom man for your roster.

Luigi Luigi

For Luigi, you need to get Toads. And you get these by doing Toad Rallies, where you race against other players and need to collect coins and do cool tricks to win over Toads.

You need 150 Green and 150 Purple Toads. Look at the "Expected Crowd" part of the Toad Rally to level selector to make sure you have a chance of getting the right Toads.

When you have all those Toads, buy Luigi's House from the shop for a few thousand coins and then you can play as Mario's high-jumping sibling.

Yoshi Yoshi

Yoshi is the same as Luigi, above, but you need 30 Red and 30 Yellow Toads. That should be easier. Get the Toads, buy the house, and then play as Yoshi. His flutter jump makes it easy to reach high places.

Toadette Toadette

Toadette also needs Toads. This time, you'll need to get 200 Red, 200 Blue, 200 Green, 200 Purple, and 200 Yellow. Yikes! Better get going, this is going to take a while…

Peach Peach

Peach is unlocked after you finish all of the levels in World Tour. She can travel great distances with her floaty jump.

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