Update on June 2nd at 11:38: Rhythm fans on Android, you can now also get VOEZ for your smart devices now by following this link.

And you should, as this is one of mobile's best yet.

You may know Rayark for its impressive action shooter Implosion but before that, it was mainly known for great music games.

After creating Deemo and Cytus, it gained a reputation for tight, accurate rhythm games on mobile that were also frequently updated.

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Before releasing it's latest game, a new take on Clash Royale, Rayark is going back to that genre with VOEZ.

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While it may seem like a standard rhythm game at first glance, with simply the notes falling down, you'll soon discover that the areas that you need to tap with he rhythm can move around the screen and you'll need to follow them carefully if you want to get that perfect score.

On top of this, the game features a story mode with different characters. VOEZ is free to play and you can also buy songs inside the app. It's out now on iOS and on June 2nd on Android.