currently has 39 different skins to pick from on iOS and Android. But what do they all mean? And which should you pick. That's what we're here to answer this.

Colours Colour

Okay, so 12 of the skins are just plain colours. There are Orange, Yellow, Purple, Lavender, Teal, Green, Charteuse, Brick, Pink, Red, Purple, and White skins to pick from. Nothing special here, just pick your favourite.

Flags Stars and Stripes US

Feeling particularly patriotic? There's no denying which flag this skin is supposed to represent. So if you have a pet bald eagle and spend all day shooting people, rock this US flag.

Brazilian Flag Brazil

This is another obvious skin. Green, yellow, and a blue centre with stars on it? That's got to be Brazil.

Red, Blue, and White or Red, White, and Blue France

These skins are kinda the same. And could be used to represent Russia or France.

Or, if you squint a little, they could also be used to show off your allegiance to Czech Republic, Iceland, Croatia, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, the UK, Panama, Cuba, or Paraguay.

Red, Yellow, and Black Germany

No prizes for guessing that this is suposed to be Germany's flag. But the colour scheme is also used by Belgium, Angola, Uganda, and more.

Red, White, and Green Italy

Probably Italy, I'd guess. But could be Bulgaria, Hungary, Algeria, Iran, or Oman. Many Iranian fans out there?

Red and White or White and Red Poland

Probably Poland. But that colour scheme is also shared by the flags of Austria, Denmark, Malta, Monaco, Switzerland, Turkey, Canada, Indonesia, and Japan.

White, Orange, and Green Ireland

This one is probably supposed to represent Ireland, but players from countries like Cote d'Ivoire, Niger, and India could rock it to.

Yellow, Blue, and Red Chad

Uh. Chad? Maybe Moldova, or Romania. Perhaps Colombia?

Green, Yellow, and Red Benin

Another non-obvious one. Perhaps Benin, Cameroon, Guinea, Mali, Lithuania, or Bolivia.

Blue and Yellow Ukraine

This one could represent the Ukraine, or Sweden. Or maybe your made-up country Dudesville.

White and Blue Finland

This one could be used to represent Finland, Greece, Somalia, Israel, or even Micronesia.

Other Rainbow Rainbow

Whether you're supporting gay pride or you just can't possibly decide which colour to use, this is the skin for you.

Incredible Hulk Hulk

You wouldn't like me when I'm slithery.

Yellow and Blue, with a Red Antenna Yellow Blue

No idea. Your guess is as good as ours.

Orange, Blue, and Square Antenna Orange Square

Not a clue. Any ideas? It used to be a hidden skin in the browser version that could only be accessed by hacking the game. But now it's available to all.

Transparent Transparent

This one grosses me out. It's got yellow-y sides but the grey grub-like middle just looks gross. Yuck.

Jacksepticeye Jacksepticeye

This one is based on popular (and stupendously annoying) YouTuber Jacksepticeye.

Yellow with Black stripes Bee

The bumblebee. Mostly for fans of Bee Movie, starring Jerry Seinfeld.

Black with Yellow stripes Unbee

I like to call this the reverse bumblebee

Google Google

This one totally matches up with the colours on the Google logo.

White and Red stripes White and Red

No idea. Any thoughts?

White and Blue stripes White and Blue

Haven't got a clue.

Sparkly Sparkly

There are three blue snake skins that are just covered in stars. I guess you could use one of them to represent the European Union?

Which skin do you use, and why?

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