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This year in Bangalore we were witness to a whole range of new and unique ideas.

One of the most addictive was a game that kept things simple, by offering a title that mixes high score chasing with the world’s most popular sport, football.

It's One More Pass from SuperSike games, and whilst the game is still in production, it's not Supersike's first dive into the world of arcade-inspired sports games.

Hitting a six

Before One More Pass, SuperSike actually developed and built the auto-runner One More Run. A game which capitalises on India's love of Cricket.

You tap the screen to hit the ball and run, and the game challenged players with getting as many runs as possible.

After the success of One More Run, it made sense for the team to continue with that winning formula, but this time to base it around football.

Hat trick

Despite the change in sport, SuperSike has ensured that the controls are just as easy to understand.

This time around, players have to pass the ball from player to player in a vertical trajectory whilst avoiding the opposing team's players.

You swipe left and right to move, and then swipe up to pass. Alternatively you can also double tap the screen to perform a lob pass.

Each pass will gain the player a point, and just like the best arcade inspired experiences, it's all about chasing that high score.

Of course, as you get deeper into the game, you’ll also find that the challenge increases. While at the start your opponent's defenders will simply try to block your pass, later on they will actively try to tackle you.

That’s not all though, as the environments will also gradually alter as you progress too. You'll always start in the stadium, but SuperSike assured those at Pocket Gamer Connects Bangalore 2016, that you may find that your simple football match ends up with you staring straight at a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Something special

Supersike is also busy adding in other special features to make sure that the gameplay remains addictive and engaging long into the experience.

One such way they are looking to achieve this is through the use of star players.

These star players, which will be inspired by some of the game’s leading professionals, will each have a very special skill that could be the difference between failure and a new high score.

All in all, if what was on show at Pocket Gamer Connects Bangalore 2016 is anything to go by, One More Pass looks set to continue SuperSike's ever evolving ability to effectively blend the excitement of some of the world’s leading sports, with classic arcade action.