Supercell has teamed up with charity group RED to fight against AIDS with updates to its three active games: Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, and Hay Day.

In case you are looking for some people to play with, check out our hub for Hay Day friends!

From now until December 4th, there are new "RED" items inside the games that you can purchase with real money, with all proceeds going to the global funds to eliminate AIDS. 

In Clash of Clans it's RED gems. In Boom Beach it's RED diamonds. Hay Day is all about RED diamonds too.

Get any of these through in-app purchases and you'll be donating straight to charity. 

As this charity collaboration is organised by Apple all of this is only available in the iOS versions of the games, and not on Android.

You can download all three of these games on the App Store for free if you haven't already - Clash of Clans [download], Boom Beach [download], Hay Day [download].

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