Starside Arena, which is due out for iOS on November 10th (and Android later in the month), is a game of two parts.

First, you have to create your own spaceship using a modular design system. There are 50 technologies to research and 37 unique ship models to start your build with.

The performance of your spaceship is determined by a range of factors: engine power, defences, countermeasures, weapon systems, power generation, and mass.

You'll have to keep all of this in mind whether you're trying to build a behemoth or a tiny agile ship.

All that matters is that you build a ship that matches your tactics and that you think will do well in the online battle arenas.

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Yep, the other part of Starside Arena is battling your creations with other online players.

You can go one-one-one with a raw test of ship design. Or you can assemble an entire fleet of ships for a larger tactical game.

In any case, Starside Arena is designed so that "weak designs fall into obscurity and the best ones rise to dominance until they are overthrown by players discovering their counter designs."

It's the first game by the ex-Rovio team at Finnish studio Epic Owl. Check out its website for more details and look out for it on iOS next week.