Oh, look who just decided to pop up on Android. AGAIN!

It's only Lara Croft and her trademark dual pistols in Tomb Raider II.

Yep, it's the enhanced port of the 1998 action-platformer that we didn't like all that much on iOS.

Why? Our reviewer said that it "simply doesn't work on a touchscreen."

It does work. Just not that well. If you can you'll want to play this with a controller, then.

Tomb Raider II

If you don't know, compared to the original, Tomb Raider II adds lots of men to shoot, new vehicles and locations, and Lara even gets new moves and weapons.

This time she's after the Dagger of Xian as it's said to contain the power of a dragon. She goes across Tibet, China, and Italy in pursuit of it.

You can grab Tomb Raider II on Google Play for 99p / 99c right now.