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Etermax has launched a sequel to the globally-acclaimed Trivia Crack which looks set to shake up the relationship between brands and games.

The sequel, Trivia Crack Kingdoms, is still a trivia game but with a ton of improvements.

The biggest of these is the removal of the pinwheel, which has been replaced with trivia channels based on a variety of different subjects. You can choose or create these depending on your interests.

Discover new funny characters that will help you in the game and choose in what of your favourite categories you want to play.

Developer Etermax wants to strengthen the relationship between brand and consumer so sees Trivia Crack Kingdoms not only as a trivia game but as a mobile communication tool.

Brands and organizations can now reach out to you between your turns and give you easy access to their applications and social media networks.

Do you like music? Follow the Music channel by iHeartRadio, Do you want to know everything about celebrities? follow the Celebrities channel by People (Time Inc) or be aware about NGOs initiatives and be able participate in them to help change the world. Find the category you like most and enjoy while learning with Trivia Crack Kingdoms.

These changes also affect institutions like schools and universities, who can create their own trivia channels for students, and charity organisations.

Greenpeace, the International Red Cross, and TECHO are just a few of these charities which are using Trivia Crack Kingdoms to educate you about the problems and issues the world is currently facing.

You can easily show your support for these organisations and actively participate in their efforts to change the world - all just by playing Trivia Crack Kingdoms.

Trivia Crack Kingdoms is out now on Google Play [download].