The creator of frenetic arcade dodging game Wave Wave has revealed his next game. It's called Baseball Apocalypse.

The title tells you mostly everything you need to know about Baseball Apocalypse.

Your aim is to survive the endless wasteland of the apocalypse for as long as possible. To this end you'll need to hit baseballs at zombies to take them out.

Interestingly, the zombies here aren't the usual shuffling type. They're zombie skulls that parachute in from the top of the screen.

You have to try to combo-hit them for as high a score as possible. If you let them reach the ground then it won't be good for you.

There are also amorphous monsters that will pop up on occasion. These need to be taken out with well-placed bombs, apparently.

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Have a look at the trailer for Baseball Apocalypse to see how it plays. That'll have to tide you over until it comes out on iOS and Mac in mid-to-late October.

Oh, and you can also check out its website.