Tile Tales is a maths game with a stunning art style and an interesting take on the numbers genre. It's a test of your brain power, akin to a scrambled Sudoku or a word search ripped from the pages of an algebra text book.

Actually that might make it sound a bit dull. It's not, it's an ingenious puzzler with a poppy zing to it that's all about drawing lines through digits and symbols.

The aim is to trace a path upwards through a grid, and you're trying to make the biggest number possible.

You start at the bottom, and you can't go back on yourself. Sliding a finger through the tiles adds them together.

Later on there are multiplication tiles, abstract integers that only gain a value when you pass through a different tile.

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It's a surprisingly cathartic experience, and it pokes and prods at different aspects of your brain.

You might start a route that feels like it's going to end up with a decent score, only to get stuck with a minus simple and some subtractions half way up.

That adds a level of tactical planning to the experience. It's vaguely chess-like, in that if you're not thinking a few moves ahead, you're unlikely to end up with the best score.

Mixed with the gorgeous aesthetic, the end product is a puzzler that's likely to raise a few eyebrows - in a good way - when it hits the App Store.