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The Light Inside Us is an abstract strategic shooter in development for iOS and Android.

Each level takes place on isometric grids, where hordes of enemies swarm from various portals. You control a group of cubes that simultaneously acts as your health and ammo.

Different colored regions imbue your cubes with a unique weapon: a pink piercing shot, a green spread shot, an orange area-of-effect bomb, and so on.

However, more powerful attacks use more cubes and leave you more vulnerable.

The narrative framework for the abstract action is that The Light Inside Us takes place within the mind of a scientist forced to choose between embarking on a long space mission or staying with his family.

Your cubes represent his hopes and drive, while the enemies are his doubts. Each act takes you further into his subconscious.

The Light Inside Us is currently in development for iOS and Android devices. Beta builds and more information on the game can be found in the developer's TIGSource devlog.

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