The Light Inside Us shows how you can be a jack of all trades, and a master of all

Come into the light

The Light Inside Us shows how you can be a jack of all trades, and a master of all

Sometimes, doing too many things at once can be a hindrance.

However, when a game is able to pull this off, player's are left with some of the most satisfying and diverse experiences available.

Not only is this something that Dastan Games are trying to achieve through their game The Light Inside Us, but from what I saw at this year's Very Big Indie Pitch in Bangalore, it looks like they've succeeded.

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We've covered The Light Inside Us before here at Pocket Gamer, and it's never failed to impress.

Taking an interesting concept that mixes shooting, puzzle, adventure and even the strategy genre, The Light Inside Us then turns everything on its head by combining these diverse genres with a completely unique mechanic.

Every shot counts

That unique mechanic is something that lends itself to the game's title.

You see, The Light Inside Us' lead protagonist is made up of the Children of Light. A collection of many smaller particles that you must guide through a stylistically rendered isometric world.

Within this world, players must then defend themselves against wave upon wave of enemies, doing so by using the particles themselves as weapons.

For each shot taken you'll lose a part of your life, but equally for every enemy you defeat you’ll grow ever stronger.

It's a unique mechanic, and one that ensures that players are kept on their toes for the entirety of game. It's also something that makes for a very dangerous, yet thrilling, tactical puzzle-esque shooter.

This is also where the game's strategic and puzzle elements come into play, something that only continues grow throughout the game, thanks to all of the different power-ups, weapons, obstacles and even enemies, that are introduced over the course of the game's 55 levels.

Ever Growing

In fact, whilst the game is already is on sale for iOS, it was nice to be introduced to some of upcoming changes that will arrive as part of a major new update in two months time.

In fact, whilst the game may already have a considerable amount of polish, it was interesting to hear that this is where Dastan Games will be focusing the majority of their time.

For example, whilst the sound and other aspects of the presentation will be worked on, it was their plans for the lead protagonist that are most intriguing.

Right now, for every character you lose, the main robot will decrease in size, with the opposite true eveytime you take down an enemy.

However, Dastan Games really want to inject some life into their lead protagonist, and as such plans are being made to not only inject some personality into to the overall collective of the children of light, but also to each and every individual member.

All in all though, The Light Inside Us is a game that never fails to impress, something reiterated in their achievement of winning the influential Blogger's Choice award at this year’s Very Big Indie Pitch in Bangalore.

Not only is the game based around the concept of growth, but this also seems to be a mantra that Dastan Games have embraced fully. As with every showing, considerable growth can be seen both within the team, and throughout their game.

The Light Inside Us is available now for iOS, and will release on Android in the coming months alongside the game’s major update for iOS.
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