Rockfish Games is a new studio founded by Michael Schade and Christian Lohr who previously worked at Deep Silver Fishlabs on titles including the Galaxy on Fire series.

Now they're working on their own roguelike space shooter called EVERSPACE that will primarily be heading to PC.

However, Schade said on Twitter that there will be a stretch goal for an iOS version of EVERSPACE when it hits Kickstarter on August 6th.

So it'll be up to you lot as to whether it actually heads to iOS or not, then. No pressure.

EVERSPACE has an undeniably gorgeous recreation of space. You can zoom through gold-washed vacuums, fly through oppressive rock structures on alien planets, and warp huge distances with enormous machines.

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We don't have too many details on it right now but Rockfish confirms that you'll "explore, hunt for resources and uncover hidden secrets as well as fight and upgrade your ship and character."

Death is treated as a reward rather than a punishment too as you get to pick better gear each time you start a new run.

Find out more about EVERSPACE on its website and look out for that Kickstarter on August 6th. We'll remind you, don't worry.