Cricket is boring. You know what it needs? Some video games to spruce it up. And no, I'm not talking about Brian Lara's Cricket here. Stuff off with that.

Have a look at Super Cricket Fighter Turbo for an example of what I'm looking for. This is cricket by way of Pong and Street Fighter.

Yes, it's a 1v1 sports game in which you each play a batter trying to hit a ball past each other. It's made even more ridiculous with by borrowing the over-the-top visual effects of fighting games.

Super Cricket Fighter Turbo

Unfortunately, it can only be played if you have a friend close by. You each control a batter by moving your finger up and down the screen.

And if you tap with good timing you'll whack the ball with a super hit.

It's a bit of fun if you can set it up with someone. The beta version is available to download for Android on

Your phone or tablet will need to accept APKs from unknown sources (it's safe, promise).