Updated; July 22 2021

Every time addictive traffic dodger Crossy Road is updated, it receives a handful of secret characters for you to unlock. From the Loch Ness monster to the Chinese god of wealth to a British phone box to the game's composer, Crossy Road is now jam-packed with hidden hoppers.

Luckily for you, we know how to unlock every single one, and we'll share the secrets with you. Here's how to get all the mystery characters in Crossy Road, as of January 2019.

There are loads of characters to collect in Crossy Road, and here we've listed the methods for collecting all of the mystery mascots that you can collect.

These mascots aren't earned from mystery boxes or collecting tokens, instead they are all unlocked through unique means, which are often strange and confusing. Well, that's exactly why we've written a guide for it, isn't it?

We're breaking it down, step by step, making it as simple as possible, and organising them into the categories that the game now organises them in. You might find that other guides are a bit messy, but this one is nice and tidy and designed to be user friendly.

If you're looking for the methodology for a certain character, this is the best way to find each. After all, no other guide out there will actually tell you which characters are in which categories at a glance. Aren't we nice?

There are characters from games such as Pac-Man, Monument Valley, Katamari Damacy and beyond. Unlocking them all will be a challenge, but with this guide you'll find it to be a much simpler task.

Take a look below for all of the characters in Crossy Road. And no, not Disney Crossy Road, just normal Crossy Road. That's a task for another day, deary me.

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