KANO isn't a game about everyone's favourite cyborg faced masked murderer from the Mortal Kombat games. It's actually a fast-paced match-stuff puzzler.

But before you rip out your own still-beating heart in protest at having to match things again, you should know that KANO throws in enough twists that the end result is a game that, while familiar, isn't too derivative.

Colour run

The game is built up of five essential elements. There are four coloured panels in a square grid at the bottom of the screen, and a bouncing, warping shape. That shape changes colour with every bounce.

You need to make sure that the right colour block is underneath the shape when it heads back down. You do this by swiping a finger left or right on the screen.

If the shape bounces perfectly, signified by a glowing white light on the side of the relevant block, you'll get a few extra points. If if bounces on a coloured pad it's not meant to, that pad is taken out of the game.

And it's replaced by a pool of lava. You need to make sure any fire spirits that are spat out end up in this pool, but you won't get any points for catching them.

There are coins to nab to get a few extra points, and bonus rounds that see you flying through the air, tilting your device to move left and right in order to grab as many shiny things as you can.

Bouncy pyramids

And all of this comes together to create a surprisingly compulsive experience. There's a life system, but you can bypass it by buying the premium version of the game or watching a video.

KANO isn't particularly deep, but you'll probably be able to waste a few hours in its simple, high-score chasing, bouncy gameplay.