Gameforge has announced that the upcoming action RPG inspired by mobas, Sigils: Battle for Raios, is headed to iPad on May 21st.

Sigils: Battle for Raios is a free to play action RPG that combines the character development of RPGs with the tactical arena-style battling of mobas.

It's entirely focused on short, engaging PvE and PvP battles which makes it perfectly suited to mobile.

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There are fifteen champions to unlock that each specialises in being either a tank, damage dealer, or healer but has a completely different set of skills from any other champion.

Each one can reach a max level of 18 and, unlike MOBAs, their level remains permanent. You can also outfit them with a variety of equipment gained in PvE and equip them with the eponymous sigils. These are powerful traits that alter the champions skills to better match your playstyle.

Multiplayer is the real core of the gameplay in Sigils and the intuitive matchmaking system ensures that you'll always be playing against opponents of your skill level. Of course, you can always play through the PvE mode cooperatively if you're not into PvP.
Sigils: Battle for Raios is headed to iPad on May 21st and you can bet that Gameforge will bring even more champions and content to the game shortly after. Check out the official trailer above in preparation for this epic action RPG.

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