Solo game creator Martin Magni tells me that Odd Bot Out is coming to iOS and Android on February 1st.

It has you helping an adorable robot called Odd break out of a recycling plant it was chucked into.

Odd is a little shorter than the rest of the robots, you see, not quite meeting the factory requirements.

But, no matter, it has you to help it along. You'll build rockets, construct staircases and bridges, and engineer cars and robotic centipedes for Odd to ride.

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I've been playing it and I've already fell in love with Odd. It just looks so clumsy when walking along - the body not quite keeping up with the legs.

And that single eye of Odd's manages to give the robot a lot of personality. Just like the one-eyed totem in Monument Valley, actually.

Anyway, look out for this cute puzzle platformer real soon. It'll cost you £1.49 / $1.99.

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