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Gold Award-winning boardgame adaptation Galaxy Trucker is now available on iPhone, so if you fancy squishing one of the year's best digital chit-moves into your pocket, now you can.

The game is all about building your own intergalactic truck in a mad scramble for parts, then taking it out into the spaces between stars to see how long you'll last in a cruel universe.

When we reviewed the iPad version we said that Galaxy Trucker "takes a good boardgame and uses all the digital tricks to make a truly great app."

That iPad version has also been updated with in-game chat and the ability to reserve slots for certain players in multiplayer.

If you'd like to give the game a try you can grab the iPad version for £5.49 / $7.99 [buy], and the pocket-sized iPhone version for £1.99 / $2.99 [buy].

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