The opening to Dynasty of Dungeons is a bit confusing, and I don't mean the plot is hard to follow.

It's more that you're told to do a thing, then do another thing, and there are fancy animations, but no real context is given to your actions.

Thankfully that confusion is short-lived, and once the dream sequence (ugh) is over you're given proper instruction. The core gameplay is still about as hands-off as that first metaphorical dip in the pool, however.

Line up

The key to not dying in Dynasty of Dungeons is in positioning. Your team is arranged in a 3-by-3 grid, as are your enemies, and you'll be given the chance to rearrange your squad however you please before the action starts.

Anyone familiar with general RPG methodology should be familiar with the basics - things like putting defenders in front and weaker ranged units in the back.

Once you're all set, you just tap a button to start the combat and your heroes will do the rest.

This is actually the main issue I have with Dynasty of Dungeons. Yes, placement is very important. And yes, knowing how best to use your characters' special abilities can make a difference. But the combat can be a bit too “wait and see.”

Push on

That's not to say that there isn't any player interaction, of course. In addition to the shuffling and special moves, you'll also be using the spoils you earn from combat to enhance your warriors and equipment.

You can also earn resources by dueling other players to upgrade individual abilities. And I have to admit it's pretty cool that all those stars you earn in dungeons (you can earn up to 3 per section) can be used later to further beef up your team.

I do think that Dynasty of Dungeons can be an entertaining monster-brawling, collection-driven thing. I also think there are a fair number of enhancements available that will keep players quite motivated (assuming they play long enough to unlock the options).

But anyone searching for combat that's more hands-on should probably look elsewhere.