Proun+ will be released on November 27th and will cost £2.49 / $3.99.

That's Thanksgiving in the US, which means you can rinse your turkey down by racing through Mondrian-inspired abstract worlds.

I've been playing this modern art racer, trying to conquer the faster racing modes while alert during the day, and going to sleep to its scribbly jazz tracks on the "Relaxed" mode at night.

You spin around the racing tube to dodge giant triangles and party streamers using the controls you want: tilt, touch, or virtual D-pad.

I went with touch, just dabbing the screen to roll to the left or right. And, when avoiding collisions for long enough so it builds up, unleashing boost with a thumb press.

As you're racing against the colour-coded ghosts of AI-controlled competitors, you always feel the pressure of a head-to-head race.

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Don't be under the wrong impression - Proun+ may have some sophistication with its interest in art, but it's a full-pelt racer with a lot of challenge.

This remake (I guess) of the original PC-released Proun looks just as sharp, and comes with new music, tracks, and speed modes to beat. Hence the "+" in its name.

I highly recommend it, and not just because I want to beat your time on the online leaderboards. This is a compelling racer as energetic as its experimental jazz soundtrack.

Check out its website for more details.