Gold Award-winning Proun+ goes permanently free to play

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Gold Award-winning Proun+ goes permanently free to play
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Proun+ is the very fast, very artistic twitch speedrunner released on iOS in 2014; originally available for $3.99, the game is now completely free to download for everyone.

Proun+ is an expanded version of a popular PC game of the same, challenging you to guide an orb racing along cylindrical tracks at breakneck speeds. You're accelerating through vibrant geometric landscapes reminiscent of a cubist painting, improving your skills to beat time trials and ghosts of the best runs.

We gave Proun+ a Gold Award, praising its insane sense of speed, wonderful soundtrack, and razor-edge tension of the game's twitchy fast-paced thrills.

You can download Proun+ on iPad and iPhone.

Christian Valentin
Christian Valentin
Christian always had a interest in indie games and loves to give the games that so easily go unnoticed the attention they deserve