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A Mechanical Story looks good in motion. It's supposed to, you see, as it's a real-time physics-based puzzler all about motion.

You're tasked with helping Mr. Mechanic to fix his newly found mechanical friend. This heart-warming tale is told through small cutscenes.

Anyway, this involves placing the missing mechanical parts from your toolbox into various contraptions under the pressure of timing.

All the cogs, pistons, and other mechanical parts in the machines that are in place spin constantly.

So, if you put a part in the wrong place there's a chance that you'll break it further, rather than fix it.

A Mechanical Story

This real-time element is something that Cardiff-based developer SkyFish Studios is proud of as it allows for a tense puzzle experience at times.

It also helps to differentiate the game from other contraption puzzlers such as The Incredible Machine and Amazing Alex.

SkyFish plans to bring A Mechanical Story to iOS on November 5th. You can find out more about it on its website.