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Vainglory is a game with its cheeks puffed out and its hair ruffled in a disordered but patently stylish manner. The showcase game of the iPhone 6 launch is out in the Philippines right now, so we thought we'd have a play.

You can check out the results in the video above. It's a reasonably shiny riff on the MOBA template. There are lanes, there are minions, there are heroes, and there are really annoying gun turrets that shoot you in the face.

It all plays pretty nicely. The interface is all about taps. Tap to move, tap to select a target to whomp on, and tap to choose which of your special cooldown powers you want to use.

There's a shop to buy new things on the fly, and your character upgrades as you play through each match. There's a decent lump of different scrappers to choose from, each with their own sets of moves and attributes.

Vainglory is out right now in the Philippines, and we're expecting it to hit around the world next month. Which starts tomorrow, so not long to wait.

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