We try our best here at Pocket Gamer to highlight all that is awesome and interesting in the world of mobile. But, sometimes, games can still completely pass us by.

Case in point: Pixel Dungeon has racked up a million downloads on Google Play and has a fervent fan following on Reddit, but we've utterly ignored it.

Well, consider that wrong righted.

This is a cute little pixel art dungeon crawler, with randomly generated tombs to explore, enemies that only move when you do, and that all important feature: perma-death.

You've got four characters to pick from - including a spell-slinging mage, a rogue that can find hidden doors and traps, and a warrior who can lob a reusable dart, like in Hoplite.

And then it's just a case of descending into a dank dungeon and seeing how long you can survive against the rats, restless spirits, nuisance traps, boss monsters, and your own starvation.

Pixel Dungeon

Luckily, you've got 80-odd types of items (like armour, weapons, potions, and wands) to use and enchanted weapons and inscribed armour to find. Plus, you'll stumble across shops and NPCs with simple quests.

I really like the game's sense of mystery. You'll come across potions and magic spells, and Pixel Dungon won't tell you what they do. You just have to throw the potion down the hatch or read the spell out loud and hope for the best.

Other than that, it's a pretty standard dungeon-schlepping roguelike. But its finely tuned design, frequent surprises, and sturdy touch interface make it an easy game to become madly addicted to.

Pixel Dungeon is completely free and has no adverts or meddling monetisation, but you can donate to the developer via the main menu with an in-app purchase. Get it, here.