Zombie Commando is a smart shooter that doesn't actually let you shoot. All you can do is move your team of undead-stalkers around. Stop and they'll start blasting.

Well some of them will. Others will start swinging bats or burning things with flame throwers. Finish a level and you get coins you can upgrade your characters with.

It's a clever, compulsive slice of action. This is the shooter distilled into a single-finger experience and it works surprisingly well.

Kill it with fire

The levels are sharp short bursts. You might need to stay alive for a set amount of time, kill a certain number of zombies, or escort some civilians to safety.

There are traps to shut down, huge bosses to kill, and a massive variety of undead ghouls and beasts to turn into squelchy puddles.

You can grab health packs that heal all of your team, and you'll need to if you want to complete all the challenges that the game throws at you.

You'll gain extra coins for completing these challenges, and one of them is almost always making sure that all of your team stays alive.

New characters and character slots are unlocked the more you play, and you can swap out and rearrange your team to suit your style.

Cool to be dead

The game is presented in neat 16bit pixels, and it snaps and pops with some neat visual ideas. This is a game that isn't afraid to play with convention.

Things do get a little repetitive, and the way your team moves at the same time means they can get separated, stuck, or stacked up in the wrong way.

But there's still enough in Zombie Commando that it's worth a try. It's built for miniature gaming sessions, but offers enough character progression that it can easily become compulsive.

If you're looking for a straight-up action game you'll probably be a little disappointed. If you're looking something a little different from the norm you'll probably get on quite well with Zombie Commando.