If Portal coming to the Nvidia Shield wasn't enough to interest you in purchasing this oddball handheld console, then here's some more news that might.

A KitKat update arriving on April 2nd for the Shield will see it running Android 4.4.2, have the full GameStream service, and add streaming support from any network.

Android 4.4.2 is the least exciting of the additions, as it means that newer games and apps will simply run smoother. Newer features like Android Runtime should also be added.

GameStream coming out of beta means that the Shield will be capable of streaming games at 60fps and at 1080p if you're using the HDMI port.

You'll also be able to stream with high-end gaming notebooks, including expanding to gaming notebooks, including GTX 600M, 700M and 800M mobile GPUs.

Nvidia Shield

Plugging your Shield into a TV and switching to console mode in GameStream will allow you to use Bluetooth mice and keyboard, as if you were playing a PC.

More importantly, you'll be able to stream games outside of your LAN. This means you can stream from any network so long as the Wifi connection has at least 5Mbps up and down.

Streaming PC games not currently supported by GameStream will become easier due to an update to the GeForce Experience PC app that allows you to manually add games.

Lastly, the Gamepad Mapper will be easier to use, and will be accessible by holding down the power or Start button.

That's a whole lot of updates that will make streaming games at high quality on the Shield, or via the Shield, much easier and better.

Android Police