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Analogix's SlimPort to HDMI adaptor enables you to connect a compatible Android device - I saw the system running on an Nexus 5 - with an HD television. You can then connect a wireless controller to complete the home console experience.

Importantly, the rate at which it fires the image and sound to your home system is so fast that there's no discernible lag. This is crucial to gaming, as lag affects the speed of your reactions in action games, a point James Seifert of Analogix is keen to stress.

Games on mobile aren't quite comparable with Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 titles when it comes to visuals. But even when they're blown up to a much larger scale than they're usually viewed at on a mobile, they're not far off.

Take Asphalt 8, for example. Analogix used Gameloft's racer to demonstrate its SlimPort technology and to show that you could be fooled into thinking you're playing a console game via this setup.

I love the idea of having a home console I can take anywhere - on account of it being my phone - as you can tell from my excited exclamations about LAN gaming at the end of the video above.