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Crytek is best known for shooty-shooty bang-bang action games that are quite good until they introduce the aliens like Far Cry and Crysis.

And Fibble! Mustn't forget Fibble. Never forget gooey iOS physics puzzle game Fibble.

Now, the studio has returned to mobile with a simple free-to-play squad-based shooter called The Collectables. It's got trading cards, fancy CryEngine visuals, and - as far as I've played - no nuisance extraterrestrial types.

As the game is now undergoing beta testing in New Zealand, you can see The Collectables in our fancy new video feature Soft Launch Lookout, which is like all our other videos but has a different name and a different coloured thumbnail.

The iOS and Android game should air drop onto app shops around the world later this year. We'll let you know when it does. Because that is our job.

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