Crytek's deck-building shooter The Collectables goes global on iOS

Play your cards right

Crytek's deck-building shooter The Collectables goes global on iOS
| The Collectables
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The Collectables is the new game from Crysis and Ryse developer and serial typo maker Crytek. As we predicted, The Collectables has now exited soft launch mode and is available to download on iOS globally.

The game puts you in charge of a squad of mercenary soldiers, and has you guide them through lush jungle battlefields. You'll need to pick cover points, choose targets, and flank enemies to get the upper hand.

More importantly, you need to manage a deck of collectible cards that, when used, give you bonus powers like grenades and quick health refills. Your team members are also cards, so you must pick a good hand before each battle.

The Collectables has been developed by Crytek's Budapest studio, and combines that team's knowledge of mobile games (Fibble) with shooty shooty bang bang action (Crysis Warhead). The Collectables publisher DeNA, meanwhile, knows a thing or two about heavily monetising card games.

You can see The Collectables in action in our Soft Launch Look-out video above. Or you can head to the App Store to download it for free. An Android edition will follow along later.