Stubies is a colour-matching puzzler that's not afraid to throw new ideas into the mix. It features a cast of literally colourful characters, and drips new mechanics and twists into proceedings at regular intervals.

It's well-presented, and there's a reassuring solidity to everything that lets you know you're in good hands. Throw in some frantic gameplay in the later levels and you're left with a fresh-feeling puzzler that surprises at almost every turn.

Stubie do

The game is all about combining the Stubies of the title. These podgy little creatures come in a variety of colours, and wander onto the screen minding their own business. Swiping them in a direction makes them bimble that way. Swipe in the direction they're facing and they'll jog for a bit.

You need to bundle the cute creatures together. There's a score to beat on each level, and once you hit it you move on to the next. As this is an App Store puzzle game there's a star system, and you'll lose ratings if a Stubie falls down a hole.

If two Stubies of different colours walk into each other they'll pause for a while, pushing their massive foreheads together. If you don't move one of them then they'll both turn to stone. Which is sad and can prove tricky in later levels.

You can double-tap on the head of one of the creatures to make it duck down into the ground for a while, which will let others stomp over it. Keeping your eye on everything going on can get pretty hectic - especially when there are multiple obstacles to keep your Stubies from stumbling into.

Creature comforts

The game introduces new Stubies as you play. Some need to be used as bridges, others are bombs that take out huge chunks of your score if you combine them. Rainbow Stubies can match up with any other colour, but bringing them together unlocks a bonus mode that doubles your points.

There's certainly plenty to keep you going here, and it's mostly fun. Stubies is an original and engaging puzzler that will keep you smiling with its squishy-faced charm, and entertained with its rewarding puzzling.