Excuse the terrible pun, but God of Light has come out of the dark today, after Playmous and Eon Games announced it.

God of Light is a new physics-based puzzler heading to mobiles in which you help a cute orb of light called Shiny bounce light rays around caverns.

This may sound playful, but it's the vital work of a god who needs to save the world from impending darkness.

The light is sourced from Shiny, as you'd expect, and then you rotate the beam to pass through underground tunnels, and out towards the sky.

Judging by the game's trailer, you'll have to use mirrors to bounce the light around corners, as well as more complex light-directing machines.

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It seems to be a smart-looking game, and apparently the soundtrack is supplied by a top-notch musician, who will be selling the music separately.

We'll have more information on God of Light when it surfaces (sorry, another terrible pun), until then, just know that it exists and is heading to mobiles.