Now that we're in 2014 and therefore that much closer to FTL's debut on iPad, Subset Games has decided to outline more of the new features in the game's Advanced Edition.

In a blog post on the FTL micro-site, Subset started off by introducing a new alien race called the Lanius.

This metallic species is rarely seen. That's because it lies dormant in hibernation for years during transit across space, only awakening when significant metal deposits are nearby. Members of the Lanius race absorb metal to sustain themselves, you see.

What makes the Lanius such a terrifying foe is that it absorbs oxygen from the air. This means that when members of the Lanius race are aboard your ship, they'll make each compartment they're in a rather inhospitable place for your crew.

Drone on

Subset Games has also confirmed some additional Lanius-themed content for the studio's forthcoming iPad game.

This includes an unlockable Lanius ship. There will also be a backup battery subsystem for emergencies that temporarily powers your reactor.

FTL: Faster Than Light

A Shield Drone is another fresh addition to the game. The new Anti-Combat Drone, meanwhile, shoots down enemy drones. The Ion Intruder, however, invades enemy ships, ionising rooms and stunning the crew while doing so.

Lastly, Subset revealed that it will be possible to man doors and sensors to increase effectiveness. Oh, and that you'll be able to rename crew members mid-game.

Subset is hoping to release FTL for iPad in "early 2014" with all of the features of the original and Advanced Edition.