This week was great for the PS Vita, with plenty of new releases that you'll want to grab over the holiday period.

The 3DS eShop has not had such a great week in comparison, unfortunately, so you might as well leave your 3DS locked in a cupboard for the next few weeks.

That is, unless you've not been keeping up the best releases over the last couple of years, as there's a big old sale going on over Christmas.

Otherwise, let's get this out of the way quickly then, like ripping off a plaster. Swift and with your eyes closed.

European eShop releases

Sega has another pair of classic games re-envisioned with stereoscopic 3D for you this week.

Streets of Rage and Shinobi III Return of the Ninja Master both cost £4.49, and feature stereoscopic 3D for the first time. Might be cool, if you're into that sort of thing.

Everything else is pretty pap. There's Akari by Nikoli for £4.49, Banana Bliss: Jungle Puzzles for £3.59, Winter Sports 2012 - Feel the Spirit for £8.99, 101 Penguin Pets 3D for £3.59, and Life Force for £4.49.

And for some reason, Nintendo is only just now releasing digital versions of the Nintendogs series for £39.99. Which is a ridiculous price, given they've been out for two years.

But wait - there are sales! Games worth grabbing on the cheap include Rising Board 3D for £1.29, Art of Balance TOUCH! for £5.45, Mutant Mudds for £4.00, Swords & Soldiers 3D for £4.49, and Witch & Hero for £1.79.

US eShop releases

The US digital store looks pretty much the same as the European store.

You've got all the very same releases as listed above, except you also have Crash 'n the Boys Street Challenge which, well, I have no idea what to make of that one.

And that's your lot - have a great Christmas!