Gregg is a clever puzzle-platformer that for the most part gets things spot on. You play as the flat-headed title character who, choked with guilt after letting a sleepwalking chicken die, resolves to protect them from the pitfalls they face on their regular involuntary nocturnal wanders.

Essentially, it's a game based on that bit in Superman where the man of steel bridges a gap in some train tracks to stop the speeding locomotive from plummeting to its doom. Except with chickens instead of a train and Gregg instead of Superman.

Platform head

You control our flat-headed hero by sliding him around the level. The chickens automatically walk across the screen and if they hit a wooden platform or get squished by something falling on them then you fail the level.

To begin with things are pretty simple. There's a hole in the ground and you need to swipe Gregg over it to fill it up. There are puzzle pieces to collect as well, which you grab by walking over them, and you'll need to get them all if you want to unlock all the bonus levels.

After the first few puzzles the difficulty starts to ramp up. You need to slide boxes into holes, control moving platforms, and use pipe-based portals, all while nabbing the puzzle pieces and making sure you don't get Gregg stuck.

You're given as much time as you want to plan before you set the level in motion, but once you've swiped Gregg into action things happen lightning fast, and you can find a poorly pushed crate or an incorrectly taken step putting paid to your grand ideas.

The levels are small enough that it's rarely frustrating though, and mistakes usually lead you to the right solution.

Roll with it

There's a decent chunk of game to get your teeth into here, and enough variation between the sets of levels that there's usually something new to try and figure out.

Gregg might be dressed in the cartoon finery of the casual puzzler, but there are some difficult sections here, and the mix of logic and platforming skills required means it's not a game that rolls over easily.

The controls sometimes let things down, but all in all Gregg is a solid and entertaining puzzler with a unique hook and enough levels to keep you entertained for a good long while.