It's tempting to compare Cyro to Duet on account of the spinning avatars in both games.

But Cyro is, in fact, more a visually beefed-up version of the Game Boy Advance title Kuru Kuru Kururin.

In fact, apart from a few things, Cyro practically IS Kuru Kuru Kururin for your iPad or iPhone. Nothing wrong with that, though. We'll gladly take it.

Trick and treat

In Cyro, you try to manoeuvre a constantly rotating bar through narrow and tricky mazes. If you hit the sides of the maze twice, you will have to return to the last checkpoint.

To get the highest score in each level, you'll have to move as quickly and safely through the mazes as you can.

The task is made all the more amusing owing to the fact that the tiny Cyro people are supposedly carrying the bar from underneath. They're trying to build a bridge to the moon, which they admire, apparently.

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All of that makes for an amusing concept, made all the more so by the sounds of scuttling feet and worried groans from the Cyro folk.

Cyro is both challenging and charming, then. Because of that, we can almost entirely excuse the fact that it's a rehash of a previous game.

Give it a shot now by purchasing it from the App Store for £1.49 / $1.99.