Calling all Pocket Trains Android players!

Want to build a successful railroad empire but don't know how?

You're in luck: The Official Pocket Gamer Guide to Pocket Trains will get you on the right track.

In this new guide - the first from the growing PG Guides family to make the journey over to Android - we provide a comprehensive look at the nuts and bolts of NimbleBit's charming railroad simulation.

So, from engines, cars, and crafting to Bux, breakdowns, and trading - and everything in between - you'll find every element of the game disassembled and detailed in a manner that will help budding railway magnates achieve their heart's desire.

Then, of course, there are crucial tips to help you maximise your play experience, an interview with NimbleBit to give you a little more background behind the game, and more.

The price for this exciting journey of discovery?

A mere 69p / 99c. The Official Pocket Gamer Guide to Pocket Trains is available on Google Play now.