According to all at Pocket Gamer Towers, Steel Media's swipe magazine is THE definitive digital iOS gaming mag. I guess we would say that, though.

Anyway. As if to lend weight to our argument, swipe has been shortlisted in two categories ('Specialist' and 'Technology and Gadget') in the upcoming Digital Magazine Awards.

If you didn't already know, swipe contains lots of well-chosen words from the supremely talented and bewitchingly handsome Pocket Gamer team, framed in a beautiful digital mag you can poke and prod at on your iPad.

The 2013 edition of the Digital Magazine Awards will take place in The Proud Gallery, London, on November. 26th. We'll be sure to let you all know if swipe wins.

In the meantime, why not find out for yourself why swipe has been nominated for these prestigious awards by nabbing issue 9 from the App Store absolutely free. Yeh, makes sense, doesn't it.